Collectors' Views


Rivers Run North York










This painting Hello! I Love You! greets clients when they enter the Schmidt Legal Services Office in Port Hope, ON. All this positive
 energy helps lift everyone’s spirits.




Ketta Robertson with her painting Calypso.

The Calypso painting is alive with colour and announces it’s vibrance as it catches your eye. Patricia has captured depth, expression and imagination all on one canvas. This piece brings a sense of happiness to the room with warmth and vivid colours. Having known Patricia for many years and watching her expand her offerings through the art world in various forms has being nothing short of inspiring. We proudly feature Patricia’s works though out our office and hear so many clients comment on how her unique work speaks to them. It is humbling to know we have a world renowned artist residing within our community. We heartily recommend you join the Patricia Coulter journey with her creative touch in your space.

Ketta and Russ Robertson, Wealth Watch Financial Services Inc., Cold Lake, AB


Katherine Sanregret by the painting “Spring’s Calling Card”.

I have always had a connection to the importance of original art. Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to meet such a talented artist in our small northern Alberta town. I have to date purchased 4 of her pieces for my personal collection, as well as several others for family, friends and clients.

Patricia is a true talent as she expresses creativity through a variety of different styles and mediums. I look forward to viewing her work at the Artexpo 2015 in NYC!

Katherine Sanregret, Interior Designer



I particularly love the phthalocyanine blues but “Dance Party” has to be a favourite for personal reasons. My daughter was told as a child that she had two left feet and would never make a dancer.

She began ballroom at age 20 and is now married. She and her husband are in the top 3 amateur Latin dancers in Australia. They train about 4 hours a day except for Sunday as well as working full time. So your painting is a love affair with a very special young woman in my life. Thank you for inspiring me to try your method. It looks like a lot of fun. I would like to bring joy to my family as you have so successfully done.

Yours sincerely

Deb W.



Trevor and I just sold our condo and your artwork was one of the reasons. We had two of your paintings in the front entrance and the purchaser liked them so much he wanted us to sell them with the property, which we did. Next time we are in Cold Lake we will have to come and choose a few more.

Lars E. Collector



Ever since meeting Pat Coulter several years ago, I hoped to one day own one of her paintings.  Photos and posters and print have adorned my walls but now I am all grown up and can finally say “I own art!”  Though the stunning and vibrant strokes of her more recent work drew me to go for a look-see, when walking through her home, I spotted some paintings on her walls and I was sold.  I left with three paintings that day and absolutely love them hanging in my home!  Thank you Patricia!  I wish you continued success and look forward to the day were a large wall will proudly display another Patricia Coulter original!

Angela P.