Artist Statement

I am an artist who creates large contemporary, bold, abstract paintings.  I use an innovative technique that I am refining to create these paintings.

Originally working with watercolor, I was always attracted to the wet-on-wet technique where the colors flowed, merged, and hung out together.  I often loved the puddles left behind on the palette after painting.  I was always looking for more vibrant colors and wanted to work larger than the restrictions of the size of watercolor paper.  When I discovered fluid acrylic paint, I loved the juicy, vibrant colours. 

I love the immediacy of paint, the delicious energy and the colors that create when they are blended together. Painting on large pieces of canvas gives the paint more room to show its vibrancy and energy.  Combining the subtle blending of colours that were hypnotizing in watercolour and using a different substrate, I can now use my experiences and skills to design and create paintings that are brimming with vitality and sizzling with colour!

I was honoured to be featured in a PBS documentary about my painting style and technique.  Please take a look.